About Our Firm

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
- Tony Robbins

Our Mission

To create and implement innovative strategies which allows financial decisions to be made with clarity and confidence.

Our Vision

Imagine for a moment having a blue print that has the ability to measure the financial decisions you make...

...how you can build your personal wealth and gain financial security in the process.

This blueprint will be as individual as you are.

At Strategic Financial Group, we focus on building your wealth without restrictions of predetermined needs and aspirations while focusing on savings, growth and protection.

The good news...we provide this model without a fee – and in most cases, with no additional out of pocket outlay*. By working with your current cash flow and assets, you keep more money in your pocket now – when you need it most. You will get additional protection and more wealth enhancement opportunities.

The partners at Strategic Financial Group, LLC are committed to protecting you from life’s unknowns – that’s our commitment to you.

Our Promise

No additonal out-of-pocket outlay while working only with your current assets and cash flow.*

  • Long-term wealth building opportunities
  • Seek to lower or keep the same risk tolerance
  • More protection against factors that can erode wealth
    • Increased taxes
    • Inflation
    • Market risk
    • Death
    • Disability
    • Creditor claims and lawsuits

Our Difference

With SFG as your partner, prepare to get educated in an unbiased way, using powerful economic tools giving you financial stability and flexibility.

  • You’ll be empowered to make choices appropriate for you and your family.
  • Keep your hard earned money doing what you really want.
  • Will you be fortunate enough to have prepared for your financial future in these ever changing times?
  • At Strategic Financial Group we’re “Dedicated to Insuring Your Future.”
  • You’re in charge…it’s up to you.

Get a no-cost consultation and change the way you currently think about your money. Call the partners at Strategic Financial Group today.

*Although certain financial moves may generate the funds needed to pay life insurance premium, those funds may not be immediately available. In such cases, additional costs may apply.